Services for Greenhouses

We have many years of experience with ornamental plant production.  We can offer suggestions for your pest management program and train your staff on preparation of potting mixes or watering of plants.Scroll down for a sample of the services we offer to greenhouses.

Consultation on Growing Practices

Best management practices have evolved over the past 10 years.

Stay up-to-date with modern knowledge.  Our team can build, review and improve your programs for irrigation, fertilization, plant growth regulators and the growing environment.  Our recommendations are rooted in our many years of practical experience and attending technical conferences.

Biological Control Programs

Are you struggling to incorporate bio-control into your greenhouses?

We have designed greenhouse bio-control programs for many years for spider mites, whiteflies and thrips.  It is much more difficult for aphids.  We set a budget for the year based on area in production.  We can order, release and monitor commercially available bio-control agents.

You can find more information at the Sustainable Practices page.

Diagnostic of Plant Problems

What is wrong with my plant?  We hear the question all the time.  We can help.

We provide on-site diagnostics of plant problems and recommendations for the most appropriate course of action.

You can find more information at the page Diagnostic Services.

Monitoring of Crop Production

You do not have to spray every year for the same pest problems.  Get a long-term solution to the problem.

We conduct on-site visits to inspect the plants and follow with a written report of observations and recommendations.  We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – a decision-making process that uses a combination of control techniques to suppress pest problems.

You can find more information at the page Monitoring Services.


Analysis of Plant Nutrition

Are your plants adequately fertilized?

We conduct on-site sampling and testing of growing media and fertigation water.  We also collect samples for laboratory analysis of tissue nutrient content and provide interpretation of the laboratory results.

Ask us for more information.

Porosity Testing

Are you using the growing media that ensures the best growth for your plants?

We have been designing potting mixes for many years.  We do in-house testing of porosity to ensure adequate air space and water retention.  We can make small changes to improve quality, or large changes to incorporate locally available ingredients.

Ask us for more information.

Research Trials

Do you need a serious look at the new products?  Do you want to find the best procedure for your situation?

We have the knowledge and the skills to set-up and maintain a project at your site.  Our trials respect scientific requirements for control, replication and statistical analysis.

You can find more information at the page Research Services.

Staff Training

Make sure your growers can make competent, professional decisions.
We provide technical training to help your staff become self-sufficient.  We do one-on-one training or deliver group workshops.

Find more information at the page Training Services.