Services for Landscapers

We can help you with difficult plant problems and the services you offer your customers.  We use Integrated Pest Management.  We focus on prevention.Scroll down for a sample of the services we offer. 

Diagnostic of Plant Problems

What is wrong with my plant?

We hear the question all the time.  We can help.  We provide on-site diagnostic of plant problems and recommendations for the most appropriate course of action.

You can find more information at the page Diagnostic Services.

IPM site garden

Plant Health Care

Best management practices have evolved in the past 10 years for trees and shrubs.

Stay up-to-date with modern knowledge.  Our team can build, audit or improve your programs for pruning, planting and fertilization.  Our recommendations are rooted in many years of field work and attending technical conferences.

You can find more information at the page Plant Health Care Services.

Site Assessment

Conducting a thorough site assessment is the first step in a proper IPM program.

On each property you service, the plants should be examined in early spring to confirm needs for pruning, fertilization or pest management.  This information is then used to build a seasonal calendar of work activities.  You present the client a customized program for their plant.  They make an informed decision when deciding on the maintenance budget for the year.

We have done this work for many years. We can help you. Ask us for more information.

Pest Management

Do not spray every year for the same pests.  Get a long-term solution.

Our team can build, review and improve your pest management programs.  Our recommendations are rooted in our many years of field experience and attending technical conferences.  We use Integrated Pest Management – a decision-making process that combines regular monitoring with a variety of control methods.

You can find more information at the page Pest Management Services.


Make sure your employees can make competent, professional decisions.

We provide technical training to help your company become self-sufficient.  We do one-on-one training or deliver group workshops.

You can find more information at the page Training Services.

Natural Lawn Care

Do you want to offer a program that is different than conventional companies?  Can we truly manage lawns without using pesticides?

It can be done, but it requires planning, sound horticulture knowledge and a commitment to cultural practices.

Let us help you – we understand the main concerns and how to solve the problems.

The following is a presentation made in 2012 at an industry meeting: Lawn Care in a New World