Services for Municipalities and School Districts

Our team has the experience and knowledge to assess, identify and rectify your plant health concerns.  Our science-based recommendations provide you with the tools to make the most appropriate management decisions.Scroll down for a sample of the services we offer.

Plant Health Care

Best management practices have evolved over the past 10 years.

Stay up-to-date with modern knowledge.  Our team can build, audit or improve your programs for pruning, planting and fertilization.  Our recommendations are rooted in our many years of field work and attending technical conferences.

You can find more information at the page Plant Health Care Services.


Diagnostic of Plant Problems

What is wrong with my plant?

We hear the question all the time.  We can help.  We provide on-site diagnostics of plant problems and recommendations for the most appropriate course of action.

You can find more information at the page Diagnostic Services.

Staff Training

Make sure your horticulturists and arborists are making competent, professional decisions.

We provide technical information to help participants become self-sufficient.  We do one-on-one training or deliver group workshops.

You can find more information at the page Training Services.


Protection During Construction

Adequate protection during construction is critical for the long-term survival of trees already on site.  The trees must have protection for the roots, the trunk and the branches.

We provide recommendations for the appropriate tree protection zone to be installed before construction starts.  After the project is completed, we recommend measures to mitigate damages by the construction activities.

You can find more information at the page Tree Assessments.

Monitoring for Pests

You do not have to spray every year for the same pest problems.  Get a long-term solution.

We conduct on-site visits and visually inspect the plant inventory.  We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – a decision-making process that combines monitoring with a variety of control techniques.

You can find more information at the page Monitoring Services.

Tree Inventory and Assessment

Healthy plants are an asset to your green spaces.

We can suggest strategies for tree inventory, assessment of mature and veteran trees and conservation of heritage trees.  Our recommendations are realistic and practical, based on experience and up-to-date research.

You can find more information at the page Tree Assessments.

Here is an article on the topic we published in 2013 in a School Maintenance magazine.