Diagnostic Services

We work with the plant problem in front of us.  We ask questions.  We collaborate with other specialists.  Once the cause is identified, we design a remedy that is specific to your site and your situation.

Diagnostic of Plant Problems

If something is wrong with your plant, we can help diagnose the problem.  We also provide solutions to correct the problem.  We use methods that are effective, economical and environmentally-sensitive.

Identification of Plant Pathogens

We offer in-house lab diagnostic of common plant root pathogens.  To identify pathogens, we use a microscope or selective media to culture specific pathogens.

Spider Mite Counts

We collect samples of leaves which are brushed through a specialized machine.  The resulting sample is then examined under the microscope for a count of eggs, nymphs and adults or predators.

Insect Identification

We collect larvae, adults and examine damaged plant parts to accurately identify the insect pest.

We will review the life cycle to determine the best window for treatments.

Disease Identification

We collect plant leaves, twigs and roots to accurately identify the pathogen.

We make microscope examinations and cultures to confirm specific pathogens. Samples are examined in our laboratory.  When necessary, we send the sample to external laboratories to obtain an independent diagnostic.

Nutrient Deficiencies

We examine leaf symptoms and lab results to suggest the likely deficiency.  We collect soil and plant tissue samples for laboratory analysis.

We provide a technical report with recommendations, including interpretation of the laboratory results.

For more information on this topic, including technical publications prepared by our company and available for download, please visit Technical Information.