Monitoring Services

We monitor to identify upcoming pest problems, pests controlled by natural systems, and the results of previous interventions. Our work is based on IPM (Integrated Pest Management).


Monitoring is the regular inspection of a site or a crop.  We use systematic, random sampling to obtain a complete view of the situation.  We follow the visit with a short written report of observations, suggested actions and specific recommendations.  You decide what is the best method of implementation.


We install, maintain and collect information for traps to monitor various insect pests such as tree borers, pine beetles and greenhouse insects.  The information gathered helps respond quickly to problems rather than wait for disasters.

Pest life cycle

Ensure your staff understand the pest problems they see.

We can build training tools tailored to the pest problems found at your site. Knowing the life cycle of insects helps determine when to monitor and when to apply treatments.  The life history of diseases helps determine the weather conditions that favor those diseases.

Plant phenology

Plant development is related to weather: plants develop faster with a warmer spring than a cool spring.  The same occurs with insects.  We can relate specific plants to specific insects to adjust timing of monitoring and treatments.

Site assessment

A thorough site assessment is the first step of a successful landscape IPM program.  We review the plant inventory to prepare a service program with the appropriate pest management and cultural practices.  Your customer now has all the information needed to make educated decisions with the budget available.

Thresholds and Evaluation

When should you take action to prevent damage?  Clear definitions of “acceptable” and “not acceptable” are critical for the long-term success of your pest management program.  Are your spraying the same pest every year?  Your program may need a review.  We can have a look.

For more information on this topic, including technical publications prepared by our company and available for download, please visit Technical Information.