Tree Assessments

Our staff is educated and experienced in recognizing and quantifying the benefits and hazards of private and publicly owned trees.

Young Tree Care

Young trees are an important asset.  Ensure you have the appropriate program for your trees to remain healthy while minimizing future work.

We can review your program and make recommendations for structural pruning, fertilization and soil management to promote healthy roots.

Mature Tree Assessments

The management of trees change as they grow older.  Established mature trees should require little work.  Due diligence requires the trees are regularly inspected to limit future liability.

We can examine the trees and recommend work that is appropriate for the site, either pruning to address defects or pest management to address pest problems.

Veteran Tree Management

As trees become older the original crown becomes smaller; branch tops die back and no new growth occurs.  Decay sets into the trunk hollows as well as the branch cavities. However these trees continue to survive and provide valuable habitat for wildlife.

We can help these trees fulfill their function in nature while minimizing potential failures and liability for the owner of the tree. Allow these trees to age gracefully.

Tree Inventory

A thorough assessment of the trees is the first step of a successful program.  You obtain information to make educated decisions about future budget allocation.

We examine the trees to document the type, condition and the need for more in-depth examination.  We make recommendations for pruning or hazard abatement.

We provide a final report with summary comments, table presentation of data and pictures of the critical conditions.

Construction Sites

Adequate protection during construction is critical for the long-term survival of trees already on site.  The trees must have protection of the roots and protection of the trunk and branches.

We provide recommendations for the appropriate tree protection zone to be installed before construction starts.  After the project is completed, we recommend measures to mitigate damage caused by construction activities.

Hazard Assessments

Ensure your trees do not present a liability in the future. We examine trees to identify immediate concerns such as root decay, tree cavities and broken branches.

We use industry standards from WorkSafe BC, BC Parks and the latest “Best Management Practices” from the International Society of Arboriculture. Our reports include pictures and recommendations for remedial action.