Pesticide certificate exam arrangements

The material on this page is provided as general information.
This program is managed by the B.C. Ministry of Environment.
For updated information, visit

Examinations are held at the Government Agent Office or
the B.C. Access Centre found in most localities.
Exam arrangements are made with Service BC in Nelson at 1-866-205-2102 (or 250-354-6585).
You must specify at which locations you wish to write.
Cost for the examination is $90.00.
Payment is by cheque, money order or credit card.
Each study kit contains an application form with instructions.
The examination is open book and last 2 to 3 hours, depending on the certificate.


Recertification Credits
Persons attending industry workshops can obtain recertification credits instead of writing the examination.
The criteria are:
1) The person must hold a valid 5-year certificate issued by the B.C. Ministry of Environment;
2) The credits are managed by a recognized organization (BCLNA, WCTA, IEPMA, BCFGA, LMHIA, etc.);
3) The person attends the parts of the class for which credits are issued.

Typically, 20 recertification credits are required over 5 years, including credits in each of the following categories:
- Safety and environment protection (pesticide labels, legislation, toxicity, emergency response, protective clothing, impact on the environment, safe handling practices);
- Application technology (equipment selection and maintenance, equipment calibration, pesticide use calculations, factors affecting the use of pesticide products);
- Integrated Pest Management (pest identification and biology, monitoring methods, management methods including prevention and pesticide alternatives, evaluation of results).

Persons attending the class “Pesticide Applicator Certificate” instructed by our company qualifies for recertification credits.
Attending only part of the class qualifies for 1 recertification credit for every 1 hour of attendance.  Following the class, a letter will be written to confirm attendance.  The participant must then submit the letter to the appropriate trade organization, which will review for approval.

For information on-line, visit the website of the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture at